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Scheduling Smart Runs

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Smart runs are checks that you can run periodically, trigger manually or as part of your CI process. You can use smart runs to monitor your application and check the performance of your application flows over time. A new smart run can be created from the Smart Runs page, available in the main sidebar menu on the left. Click on “Add Smart Run”.

The first step will be to name your Smart Run and assign a test suite to it. There is no need to recreate interaction flows for Smart Runs, reusing a test suite is the only way.

The second step will be to choose the platforms and devices, just like you do when configuring a test run.

The third step will also look familiar, containing similar settings as test runs: timezone, AJAX timeout, base URL replacement etc.

The fourth step enables you to either use all the tests from the test suite, or select individual tests.

The fifth and final step will determine how often the smart runs will run and the first starting time. Smart Runs come with customisable notifications, so don’t forget to configure your alerts to your liking.

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