Automated regression testing made easy

Cloud-based parallel test execution platform for faster and easier codeless QA automation

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Increase productivity by automating your regression tests

Easily create, configure, run, and maintain self-healing end-to-end tests with automatic selectors. Fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your QA automation needs.


Create automated tests 6x faster with an intuitive browser extension. Each UI action you take generates a unique test step that contains detailed information about the element and its parameters.


Configure each step in your recorded test to meet your project-specific needs: add variables, pre/post hooks, URL replacements, environments, time zones, anything you need to customise tests in-place.


Run tests automatically in the cloud, on different browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices and have access to comprehensive runtime results from every test step: screenshots, browser requests, console logs and DOM content.

Want faster and more accurate cross browser/device regression testing?

Codeless regression test automation


Create tests fast while staying organised

Intuitive browser extension for rapid, codeless test creation. User-friendly dashboard to run and maintain tests, organize them into test suites and projects and collaborate with your team.


Smart testing - no more repetitive tasks

Run the same tests on production, staging or dev environments as many times as needed, using different users and user roles, browsers, screen resolutions or mobile devices.


Stress free maintenance and reporting

Maintain and fix tests rapidly using AI to identify when the application design was changed and caused your tests to break.

Less bugs in production at every release


Identify and proactively fix what is slowing down your app

Identify when your app is slow, visualise response times at various points in time, spikes or trends and fix performance issues at an early stage.


Quickly and efficiently small batch updates

Run tests manually at a click of a button or schedule them to run at your convenience. Use parallel runs and get bug reports faster while increasing your test coverage.

Shorten the feedback loop and improve team collaboration

One dashboard, multiple team members. Always know which tests are running, which passed or failed and report bugs fast, directly into your preferred tools.

Scale your product fast while staying competitive


Improved customer experience at every release

Gain instant visibility into your release quality status with a consolidated view of the entire test execution results.

Get more with less - the power of a QA team in one tool

With fast parallel testing execution and bug tracker integrations, you are one click away to create fully documented bug tickets.

Automate your app testing while staying within budget

Everything you need to set up continuous testing and speed up your delivery cycles with flexible pricing plans based on the number of tests you run in the cloud.


Connect your preferred tools for improved workflow and collaboration

Want faster and more accurate cross browser/device regression testing?