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What is a project?

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All details of your product testing (test-suites, dashboard, smart runs, integrations and settings, etc.) are stored in one project. It’s basically a container for all the information stored for one product.

To create a project, use the main sidebar menu on your left. Go to “Projects” and click the “Create project” button. Enter the name of the project and choose whether you want to join the project. Team members in Trudon can be part of one or more projects.

The project page will display the name of your project and present some tabs:

  • Dashboard: shows general information about the project, with charts summarising the number of tests and minutes run. You can filter this information by using the filter on the right page of the tab.
  • Test suites: a list of all test suites belonging to the project
  • Running history: a list of all the job sets that have run so far, along with their status. These are presented in the order of their last run, from most recent to most old.
  • Smart runs: a list of all smart runs for the project
  • Members: a list of all the members that have access to the project
  • Settings: settings for general selectors. For advanced users, you can use this to customise the way Trudon calculates the steps, in case your web application has special ids, class names or otherwise specific elements in its page source
  • Integrations: add integrations for this project (GitHub and Gitlab are supported)

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