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Trudon is a codeless testing automation tool. It helps you create functional tests 2x faster, by converting, extrapolating and running automated tests from manual interactions. Trudon tests run in the cloud on multiple platforms and screen resolutions, optionally in parallel.

Use Trudon when:

  • You want to quickly upgrade from manual to automated testing.
  • Using Selenium alone is difficult to achieve, but you need the power of Selenium with better returns and reliability.
  • If you’re using an agile method to ship features and seek the fastest way to test.
  • You want easy scheduling, maintenance and detailed reporting of your tests.
  • You want to test complex web applications that don’t have out of the box solutions elsewhere.
  • If you are the CEO of a SaaS company: use Trudon to communicate with the QA team and understand their work, without special training.
  • Improve transparency and development speed, reduce the risk of pushing bugs into production, all while staying in the loop.

If you are a Product Owner or a Project Manager: use Trudon to outline and prioritise the QA process, getting a real sense of what is being done and how it measures against company standards.

If you are a manual software tester: use Trudon to convert all your manual tests into automated ones, without learning automation code. Record one test and use it on web browsers and mobile devices automatically, as many times as necessary. It will free up your time for more meaningful work and turn you into a more effective tester.

If you are a developer or designer: use Trudon to make sure all elements and calculations appear and perform correctly on all web browsers, all screen resolutions and all mobile devices, without moonlighting as an automated tester and learning things outside your job description.

We offer your team an innovative way to record your interactions with your application, run tests conveniently and monitor your application’s performance with Smart Runs.

By the way, for a more in-depth trip into Trudon’s features, you also have the possibility of booking a personalised demo.

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