Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before using Trudon

A list of most common questions to ask before you join our superhero in its quest to make testing awesome

Tweaking Trudon

Weekly Godzillas? Villains hiding behind firewalls? Read about whether Trudon can handle it

What Trudon does for you

Bitten by a radioactive automation tester? No, but here is a list of questions about Trudon's superpowers


A tiny list of frequent questions, that didn't fit into any of the other categories

Bye bye expensive frameworks

Say goodbye to testing frameworks and expensive programmers

You don't need any training to automate your testing workflows. No complicated code, no convoluted framework features, no need to hire someone else to juggle these. Just you, your app and Trudon.

Catch problems before your customers do

Catch problems before your customers do

Bugs and errors can be devastating in production environments. With Trudon, we make it easy for you to spot them before they become a problem. Reducing these risks

Quick real test flow setup

Create test flows based on real business workflows

With Trudon, you can re-create the real user experience and validate the results. With different browsers and different resolution options, you can see your application through your customers' eyes. Setup monitoring for these flows and Trudon will let you know the instant something fails

7 strategies to spend less time testing your application

Prevent customer frustration

download our FREE guide and learn how to achieve more by spending less time testing your application

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