Still having questions?

Still having questions?

Still having questions?

Getting Started

What do I have to install?
Just our browser extension for Chrome, that will help you record interactions. This only takes a couple of minutes and is very light. The rest happens in the Cloud, so you only need to login to the Trudon platform, where you can set up checks frequency, monitor results, and manage everything else.
My company has strict protocols. What if I need to submit an official proposal?

We can help you draft an official proposal and answer any questions. Contact us and we can work together on a proposal. You can also book a personalized demo with us and we can clarify any questions you might have before or after the demo.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer a 14 days free trial with no other commitments. Click here to sign up.

What are the trial limitations?

There are no limitations. Because each project has different needs we want you to truly be able to test if Trudon is a good fit for your business. Therefore we don’t limit access to any of the platform’s features during your free trial.

Can I request a demo?

Yes, schedule a free, no commitment demo to see how you can thoroughly test your application 2x faster with less resources here.

Can you set up tests for my app?

Sure! Every plan comes with a complimentary package of several tests created by Trudon experts, specifically designed for your application testing needs. If you want us to take care of all the tests for you, we also offer services where one of our QA engineers will create and implement a test plan for you, using Trudon. Just get in touch with us using the support page.


Do I need a separate subscription for each person in my team?
Absolutely not! Anyone from your team can see and create tests, run tests on demand or configure monitoring. There are no restrictions to the number of users you can add to one plan.
What personal data information do you process?
The only personal information we request are the name of the users with access from your team. Everything else is business related information. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information.
Do you offer custom made plans?

Yes, we do. Our pre-made packages are tailored to small and medium businesses, but for large and enterprise companies we can create custom plans to accommodate every need. Schedule a 1-on-1 demo here to discuss your specific requirements

Can I add more resources to my plan?
Currently it is not possible to add more resources to an existing plan. However, you can upgrade to the next plan or request a custom made plan if you exceed the resources available in the largest package.
Do I need separate subscriptions for my dev and staging environments?
Absolutely not. Using any of our subscription packages you can test any number of environments. You can even configure the same tests to be executed in different environments, so you don’t have to recreate them.
Do you offer support?
Sure! All packages come with premium support to help you use our platform, create/configure tests or to improve your QA process.
How can I contact support?

You can contact our support team from the support page or using the in app chat

Do you have a mobile app?
Currently we don’t have a dedicated mobile app. However, the web application can be used from any mobile device that has a browser.


How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel or change your pricing plan and downgrade or upgrade as needed. You can do this by contacting us or directly from the dashboard.
Will I be charged more if I exceed my test allowance?
No, you will never be charged more. You just won’t be able to run more tests if you exceed the limit included in your plan. We will send you a notification when you are getting close to the limit, so don’t worry.
What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe to handle the payments. You can use any Visa, Mastercard or American Express card.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, there isn’t. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want with no additional fees

Do you offer discounts for startups?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount for early startups (incorporated no more than three years ago) for one year. Contact us to learn more.

Using Trudon

How can I cancel my subscription?

A test suite is a collection of test cases that are intended to be used to test a software program to show that it has some specified set of behaviours.

How long do you keep the logs of my tests?
We keep all your tests and configuration files forever. However, running history and logs are stored for 90 days.
Where is the test data stored?

We store all the information in a database hosted on the AWS cloud.

How long does it take to set up a test?

You can set up your first test in less than five minutes.

How many times can I run a test?
There is no limit to how many times you can run a test.
How many tests can I run in parallel?

It depends on your subscription package. The first package has two parallel running tests included while the custom made packages can go over 64 parallel running tests.

What personal data information do you process?

We collect information from you when you register on our website or enter information on our platform. Please check the Privacy Policy page for more information on all the data we store.

Can I test an API?

Not directly, only if used by a web application. However, you can see all the API requests, response times and details pertaining to API testing itself.

What happens if the design of my application changes?

We use smart selectors for identifying the elements of your web application, but we also use AI to determine fallbacks, so that the flow continues normally. The show must go on. Any changes are logged and you are notified about them, but in the form of a warning, not as a failure.

If a test fails, do I know *why* it failed?
Of course. There are three possible outcomes to any step of a test: first, the successful case. Then, the pass with fallbacks scenario, when the test flow encountered some differences, but Trudon’s AI managed to overcome them. You will be informed about the point of difference and the fallback chosen. Thirdly, when a test fails beyond common-sense adjustments from Trudon, you are notified about the exact point of failure and provided with screenshots.
Can Trudon record and reproduce more advanced interactions?

Trudon can handle datepickers and other JS components, waits for AJAX requests, automatically closes common alerts and can detect downloads. As part of our ongoing development process, we will soon be introducing CAPTCHA breaking, setting web session headers and AI identification of common cases and their treatment (e.g. cookie agreements, SSL certification expiration). Check out our Roadmap page for more information on what you can do with Trudon.

Can I set up smoke tests? What about regression tests?

For sure. A smoke test is definitely the first type of testing that you should enforce, since it is non-exhaustive but makes sure the basics of your app work. This is a great practice since setting up these flows with Trudon will double as monitoring without any extra setup. Regression testing is using the same test suites to ensure the app still works after changes. You can also choose to run tests on demand whenever you perform a merge or deploy.

Can I track my app’s performance?

Yes. Using Trudon monitoring, you get a summary of your response times for all pages and API calls, including time spent with external service usage or third parties. In addition, you get graphs to show you how the speed of your pages changes in time. You will be able to see if changes in the code or out-world context affect your speed in any way.

Will I be notified in case of failures?

Immediately. How often flows run depends on your choice, but you get notified via email in case of any failure.

Can I use Trudon to test and monitor apps that run locally (i.e. on localhost)?

Yes, you can! However, you need a service that exposes certain localhost ports to the outside world. Such an example is We recommend these services to enable Trudon QA on local instances.

If there is no coding, how do I customise my tests?

You have a visual editor to edit, add, delete and configure test steps. Our smart interaction recording minimises the number of distinct steps, so it is completely manageable.

I have multiple servers. Do I need to re-record all my tests depending on the platform?

No, we believe things should be much easier. With Trudon you can run a test suite on any Base URL. So when you deploy your staging app to production, you can apply the same interaction flows too, no need to record again, clone or copy them.

Technical Checklist

What browsers can I run my tests on?

Currently we support Chrome and Firefox, both with multiple screen resolutions. You can also run your tests on mobile devices (iPhone, Pixel, Nexus and Galaxy included) and tablets (iPad and iPad Pro).

What type of applications are supported for testing with Trudon?

Anything that runs in a browser can be tested and monitored with Trudon.

Can Trudon test my Single Page Application (SPA)?

Yes! Trudon will adapt to test your application, regardless of whether it’s an SPA or not. You won’t have to test your SPA any differently than you would any other application. Our runner is smart enough to wait for any element/condition to be fulfilled or to wait for AJAX calls before failing a test.

Where are your Cloud servers located?

Our servers are located in Europe. Our infrastructure runs on AWS Cloud servers, in Frankfurt, Germany.

On what browsers can I install Trudon extension?

The Trudon browser extension for test recording only works on Chrome. However, you can execute your tests on multiple browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

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