Test results

Clicking on a test run will reveal all the browser/resolution and device combinations you have selected. If your tests are still running, some of the combinations may not appear yet. After completion, you may click on the test results to get step-by-step insights and a test run summary including the full running time.

Each step on a result page is marked with a green icon if passed, red if failed. Step time is also measured. You see more details by clicking on a step. If external integration is configured, you can create a detailed issue on your ticket tracker, by clicking on the corresponding button. The right side of the screen will show a screenshot of the step performed. Under the screenshot, you can find navigation buttons to the previous or next step, as well as a screenshot comparison tool.

Screenshot comparison is especially useful when your step has failed, and you want to compare the screenshot with the last passed screenshot. This way you can tell the difference immediately, and get a better grip of what went wrong.

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