Codeless Web Testing Automation Platform

Fast, easy and reliable regression testing

Create, customize and run cross browser/device end-to-end tests

Codeless Web Testing Automation Platform

Faster Testing, Better Releases

Release higher quality SaaS applications by automating your regression tests without wasting time and money on unnecessary resources.
Create, configure, run and maintain end-to-end tests

Create, configure, run and maintain end-to-end tests

Simply record your test and use automated conversion to generate a highly configurable test. Use AI, smart element detection and intelligent suggestions for faster test maintenance.

Create, configure, run and maintain end-to-end tests
Cross-browser and cross-device testing

Cross-browser and cross-device regression testing

UX testing and faster bug detection at every release across multiple browsers and devices. Run tests in parallel and save time testing new features on multiple environments.

Make sure your application is always up and fast

Detect downtimes and bottlenecks by simulating visitor interactions with your application and get alerted before it affects your users.

Monitor critical application flows in production

who is it for?

QA engineers

Create and configure tests directly in the browser using an user friendly extension and zero code. Run the same tests on multiple environments, with different users and user roles. See your application in action with screenshots, API requests and console logs from every test step.

Project managers

Less bugs in production at every release. Increase regression test coverage with tests anyone in your team can set up. Eliminate repetitive tasks from your manual QA team and increase productivity and app quality. Shorten the feedback loop, improve team collaboration and report detailed bugs in seconds.

Startup founders

Scale your product fast while staying competitive. Improve customer experience at every release with rapid test creation for every UX flow, from every user perspective. Cost effective QA automation without having to write any code.


Connect your preferred tools for improved workflow and collaboration

Want faster and more accurate cross browser/device regression testing?

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7 Tactics For More Efficient Software Testing


7 Tactics For More Efficient Software Testing

  • Details on why each tactic works
  • How to implement each tactic
  • Expected outcome of each tactic