Visual testing screenshot comparison announcement

Visual testing – compare screenshots from automated tests

Visual testing is becoming more and more important everyday. Each and every time you release a new version of your application, you might push some bugs that go along with it. And it’s not like people have time to browse … Read More

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Web page testing perks exclusive

Web page testing – 5 BIG perks you get from automation

It is absolutely amazing what a difference automation makes. Not only for web page testing, but taking mundane tasks from people and assigning them to computers generally makes workers happier. Then, they can direct their time to more productive endeavours, … Read More

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Monitoring a web app during a crisis

How important is it to protect my app during times of crisis? A software monitoring manifesto for the COVID-19 lockdown

Hospitals around the world are now monitoring patients. For mild cases of COVID-19, the patient gets a daily phone or video check-up. For those in critical conditions, there are a lot of machines and checks performed at various intervals: blood … Read More

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Testing 101 – why you need to start testing your app, yesterday

We know software testing is not your favourite activity. But don’t panic yet. If you decide to take software Quality Assurance seriously, you are in the right place, because we can help you. … Read More

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