10 × Faster UI Testing Automation

The easy way to automate tests without writing a single line of code

Record in Your Browser

Install the Trudon browser extension and record your interactions with the app. Just browse and use the app naturally, and Trudon will create the necessary tests. You can edit the steps, add prerequisites and set expectations as needed.

Run Tests Continuously

We extrapolate your recording to different platforms, a variety of real browsers and screen resolutions. These tests are run continuously in the cloud, and Trudon offers logging artefacts such as browser requests, results and even real screenshots. Just like manual tests, except for the effort. Just like automated tests, except for the coding.

Parallel test execution in cloud

All the tests run in the cloud, so there is no need to setup anything on your computer or servers. With Trudon, we parallelise tests for optimal speed and timely reporting of your results. So relax, all the monsters are being fought off before they reach the city 😉

Parallel test execution in cloud
Cross-browser automated testing

Two browsers, almost any resolution

Trudon can run your recorded tests on two real browsers: Chrome and Firefox. You can also select a variety of screen resolutions, from SVGA to Wide Quad HD, covering all your bases.

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Smart Selector Identification

Trudon identifies the elements of your app using a smart, customisable logic. You can enable or disable selector classes, ids, tags and attributes generally or individually as needed.

Smart selector identification
Automated testing waits for AJAX requests

AJAX? No Timeout Issues

No need to pad your tests with waiting times! Trudon waits for AJAX results before moving onto the next test. This makes Trudon an excellent choice even for modern applications such as one-page apps.

Test Details

Browse the entire request history and the corresponding results, as well as real screenshots taken during the testing. All that resizing and repeating actions to infinity? Forget about it and leave it to our trusted superhero.

Testing details artefacts screenshots
Test requests history

Test requests history

Trudon reports on your app speed and the success or failure of the actions tested, navigation or AJAX. Use stats for network and processing times to learn about your app’s responsiveness and availability.

PRE and POST hooks

Use certain actions such as login and logout to precede or follow after your test suites. Configure and reuse hooks as needed.

Automated testing hooks

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