a sneak peek into Trudon's future

  • April 2020 | Pass/Fail Screenshot comparison

    Whenever a check fails, Trudon will also show you the last passing screenshot from a that step. You can compare the two instantly and take action faster.

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  • May 2020 | Multi-location testing and monitoring

    Track the response and speed of your app, if accessed from different places around the world. Are some of your features or content restricted or slowed down in some countries?

  • May 2020 | Better screenshots with fallback selectors

    Improved screenshot capabilities when page layouts change and selectors fail, but our AI finds a fallback. Right now, the screenshot assumes complete success.

  • July 2020 | Run tests from Continuous Integration

    Full Trudon integration with CI services.

  • August 2020 | Monitor SSL certificates

    Use Trudon to ensure that your website's or web app's SSL certificates are valid.

  • October 2020 | Your own status page

    Customisable public status page to share monitoring data with stakeholders. Will show if your website is currently working as expected and a brief history.

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