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How important is it to monitor my app?


Most monitoring tools require separate setting up, and/or only superficially check if a web application is up and running. With Trudon, the recorded interaction flows can serve both for testing and monitoring. This means more granular, more relevant uptimes and even downtime cause detection.


Data gathered from the Trudon cloud-based runner is complied into useful result dashboards, including reports of speed bottlenecks and best/worst performing pages. We even monitor response times for external API calls. Trudon makes it easier to decide which parts of an application need improvement.

Periodic uptime checks

On-demand and customisable periodic monitoring checks. Trudon guards and notifies you about server issues, 3rd party failures, and even malware.

Monitoring uptime stats
Response time history graph

Response time over time

Trudon makes it easy to visualise response times at various points in time. Any spikes or trends in maximum and average response times can then be investigated and improved, according to their business priority. It is also easy to see whether any optimisations actually work after a new deployment.

Detect performance bottlenecks

You can easily identify the slowest flows in your web application and prioritise their improvement. Want to make specific parts of the web app faster? Look into what is slowing them down. Trudon helps you identify bottlenecks that come from your internal codebase, but also bottlenecks coming from 3rd parties or external APIs.

Identify slowest pages
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