Frequently Asked Questions – Tweaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Tweaking Trudon

Do I need to whitelist Trudon if my app is behind a firewall?

Yes. Trudon only operates on the “open and visible” Internet.

Can I use Trudon to test and monitor apps that run locally (i.e. on localhost)?

There are online services that expose certain localhost ports to the outside world. Such an example is https://ngrok.com. We recommend these services to enable Trudon QA on local instances.

If there is no coding, how do I customise my tests?

You have a visual editor to edit and delete test steps. Our smart interaction recording minimises the number of distinct steps, so it is completely manageable.

If I have multiple servers, do I need to re-record all my tests depending on the platform?

No, we like things to be much easier. You can run a test suite on any Base URL. So when you deploy your staging app to production, you can apply the same interaction flows too, no need to record again, clone or copy them.

If a small part of a test flow changes, do I have to record everything all over again?

No. You can just edit one step, or simply skip it, using the visual editor.

If I run into trouble setting up my flows or generally using Trudon, can I contact you and reach for help?

Yes, we are available via ticketing platforms and email when you need us.

I am concerned about being close to the pricing plan limits. Can I check how much running time I have used? Can I see how many parallel jobs are running at one point?

Yes, all that information is available on the Trudon dashboard. We also send you a notification when you are getting close to the limit, so don’t worry.

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