Frequently Asked Questions – Before

Frequently Asked Questions

Before using Trudon

Why should I test my app?

Testing simulates possible problems for your web application, but in a controlled environment. Testing is part of the Quality Assurance process, which prevents customer dissatisfaction, money loss or legal issues that may arise if the web application crashes or has security breaches.

Why should I use Trudon and not Selenium?

Selenium is great, but it requires significant training. The learning curve is tough even for developers that branch into automatic testing and beginner QA personnel. Our philosophy with Trudon is to get everyone testing, and to like it. Trudon is codeless and requires little to no training to use. A manual tester can be converted to Trudon automation in no time, and a product owner can add workflows depending on what they consider important customer interaction.

Why should I use Trudon and not another record and play or codeless testing tool?

Trudon is a unique formula that balances codeless automation with cross-platform, cross-browser scalability. Trudon recorded flows can be used both in testing and monitoring, up to every minute, without additional setup. Most of the available tools are either scalable or simple to use, either testing or monitoring platforms, but we focused on bringing maximum utility and maximum efficiency, with minimal effort from Trudon users.

Why should I monitor my app?

Monitoring makes sure your app is working properly at all times, by checking on it periodically. The goal is to detect downtime or slow-downs and act upon them immediately, if possible. A minimal monitoring solution is simply checking the server, but that is not enough. Individual flows should be monitored for a better sense of security. Monitoring is also a part of the Quality Assurance process, which prevents customer dissatisfaction, money loss or legal issues that may arise if the web application crashes or has security breaches.

Are Trudon tests simulations?

No. Trudon tests are performed on freshly installed virtual machines in the cloud, and you get real, reliable screenshots of what the flows look like on different platforms, browsers and resolutions.

Who tests with Trudon?

Product Owners, Project Managers who want to be more hands-on in testing and monitoring. Developers who lack the support of a dedicated QA team and want to reduce risks without much effort for automation. Manual testers who want to automate without coding, freeing them up for more meaningful work. Basically, anyone who now tests or would like to test, should test with Trudon.

How much time will I be saving if I work with Trudon?

It depends on your role, but here is a quick example for one manual tester. If you are that tester, or hire a team of manual testers, you will certainly like this. Let’s assume a manual tester needs 2 hours to perform a test suite, and with Agile development, the app gets a new release deployed on staging every 3 days, and in production every 2 weeks. Each release needs to be tested on Chrome and Safari, on two different resolutions each, so that is 4 repeats of the test suite per release. Now, let’s say that it takes 4 hours to set up the Trudon flow and run it at least once, so there is an overhead to the manual version of 2 hours. But it will run automatically on deployment to staging and production. So, in the course of one month, 10 staging releases and 2 production releases are covered. 12 releases x 2 hours x 4 repeats of the suite, that would be 96h of manual testing vs just the initial 4h with Trudon. The benefits in time and productivity are fantastic. If you would like some more examples, you can of course talk to us directly and book a demo.

How much money will I be saving if I work with Trudon?

See the above answer for time. Any time saved is time you can invest into more training, specialisation or branching out. You can improve test coverage and that, in turn, reduces business risks and saves money. And by leveraging product owner experience directly into QA, you make sure that the most important flows of your business are safe and secure.

How do I convince my boss, manager, development lead or product owner that we need Trudon?

Not everyone needs Trudon, but if you think your company will benefit from our friendly, strong and reliable QA solution, a demo is free and easy to arrange. You’ve found a tool that will help the team, save time and money and reduce failure risks. Tell your stakeholders about this opportunity. Show them our website, our articles, our company’s website, get to know us. We are always open to chat, even if you are just plain curious about what we do.

How long does it take for someone to learn how to set up testing and monitoring flows with Trudon?

We designed Trudon to be easy to use and intuitive. A couple of hours of trying out Trudon should suffice for anyone to be able to record any type of tests, with as little overhead as possible.

Can I convert a manual test flow into a Trudon test and monitoring flow? How long does that take?

Once you get to know Trudon, the overhead for turning a documented manual test flow into a Trudon test and monitoring flow is about +25% of the time it takes to simply run the test manually. But the 25% is more than recovered, since Trudon flows can run at any time, automatically, cross-browser and cross-platform.

My company has strict protocols. What if I need to submit an official proposal?

We can help you draft an official proposal and answer any questions. Contact us and we can work together on a proposal before or after the demo.

What do I have to install?

Just our browser extension for Chrome, that will help you record interactions. This only takes a couple of minutes and is very light. The rest happens in the cloud, so you only need to login to the Trudon platform, where you can set up checks frequency, monitor results, and manage everything else.

I am not comfortable with my data in the cloud. Can we install a local instance of Trudon, perhaps behind a firewall?

For such special requests, it is best to contact us directly and discuss the particularities.

Will I be able to set up testing and monitoring flows myself? How about someone else? How about you?

Anyone can set up interaction flows with Trudon. But if you need consultancy in figuring out the relevant flows, or simply lack the time, we can help set up the tests as well. We can handle everything and the kitchen sink.

Do you support external integrations?

Yes. We currently have automatic issue creation from failed flows, either on Github or Gitlab. The issues are conformant to bug reporting standards and are documented with all the steps and screenshots from during the run. We are working on more integrations and we will add new ones to the list soon.

Can a team collaboratively use Trudon?

Sure. Anyone from the team can see and create tests, run tests on demand or configure monitoring.

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