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7 strategies to spend less time testing your application

Prevent customer frustration

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Sometimes, doing QA just sucks

We all know how important it is, but we procrastinate functional testing or just skip it. Why?

Testing everything is hard

test coverage

Testing everywhere is awful

cross-browser, multiple resolutions, mobile devices

Testing again 10x is hell

test maintenance

You too can make it suck less

The 7 strategies

Using our FREE guide, you can now learn how to:

1. Use early adopter customers to test your application

3. Create well-defined issues for your development team

5. Run the right tests at the right time

7. Involve non-technical people in your QA process

2. Gradually release to production, by user groups

4. Use the Chrome emulator to test for mobile devices

6. Monitor critical flows for your application

Codeless testing automation and monitoring for SaaS applications

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